Steel Structures, Sheet Metal, Pipes and Tubes, Stainless Steel, Wire, Cables,
Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Production, Environment Protection, Filtration &
Separation, Induction Furnace and Heat Treatment, Nano-technologies, Pumps &
Valves, Refractories, Scrap Collecting and Recycling, Sintering Smelting and
Refining, Bearing & Shafts, Cutting, Cnc, Shaping, Bending & Welding, Extrusion,
Drilling, Sawing, Grinding, Finished Products, Components, Assemblies, Flexible
Sheet Metal Working, Forging, Casting Equipment and Accessories, Forming,
Drawing, Foundry Engineering, Furnace and Heat Treatment, Gears, Motors &
Compressors, Joining, Fastening, Lapping, Laser Cladding, Lubricants, Machine
Tools and Dies, Polishing, Spray Painting Systems, Surface Treatment & Corrosion
Technology, Mechanical and Hydraulic Machines

about us
MMS Nigeria is the only exhibition exclusively on metals, machinery and steel, which will be held in Lagos, the business and trade capital of Nigeria on 26-28 September 2018 .
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