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Who Exhibits

  • Steel & Metal Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Machinery & Technology for Steel & Metal Manufacturing
  • Machinery & Technology for Mineral Mining & Processing
  • Metallurgical Equipment & Technology
  • Metal Working Machinery & Technology, Services

Visitor Profile

There are many ways of sourcing product and supplierinformation, but only exhibitions allow you to put a supplier’ claims comprehensively to the test – by examining the products for yourself, questioning their creators, and comparing and contrasting their performance.

  1. Iron & steel
  2. Metal working & machinery tool
  3. Iron & steel purchasing authorities
  4. Metal working & machinery tool dealers and retailers
  5. Building & construction architects and contractors
  6. Oil, gas & petrochemical representatives
  7. Automobile industry technical experts
  8. Aerospace industry engineers
  9. Power and electricity Project managers & developers
  10. Defense and army governmental representatives
  11. Industry consultants, distributors, trade associations, export councils

This fair is organized by TGEXPO

about us
MMS Nigeria is the only exhibition exclusively on metals, machinery and steel, which will be held in Lagos, the business and trade capital of Nigeria on October 18th-20th 2017.
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